About Us

Who Are We?

As an emerging e-commerce branding solution provider in Bangladesh, our main goal is to grow as a trustworthy and consumer-friendly e-commerce services based company. We have been striving towards this goal since our inception on January 01, 2022.

We at Shoplogist Bangladesh Limited believe that positive change comes with goodwill and responsibility. Our intention is to provide our customers a safe and worthwhile IT service experience.

Shoplogist Bangladesh Limited is a one-stop e-commerce solution provider that delivers the best service in the promised time frame.

About Shoplogist Bangladesh Limited

Shoplogist Bangladesh Limited is a private limited company registered under the Company Act 1994 at the registrar of joint-stock companies (RJSC).

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the most trusted services based company in Bangladesh and worldwide.

In short, keeping all your mission, values, and goals in mind, we want to see our company as a reliable, consumer-first brand that provides safe e-commerce based IT solutions to all its customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the services of e-commerce entrepreneurs and Build their Brands in Bangladesh and worldwide.

Our Core Values

Being true to our tagline, “Your Store Our sales Plan,” we always want to provide the best service to our e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Value For Money

We like to distance ourselves from gimmicks that confuse the customers of our worth. Instead, we provide true value for the money we get. Moreover, we want to make sure that our customers are putting their hard-earned money in safe and reliable hands. That’s why we have a diligent quality control team who continually monitors the quality of products on our website.


E-commerce entrepreneurs are our family. We value their trust in us. That’s why we have adopted a deep-rooted culture of clarity and transparency.


Honesty is the language through which we communicate. Honesty is not only the best but the only policy for us.


We value our e-commerce entrepreneurs’ time and energy. That’s why we always try to provide quality service while maintaining strict punctuality.



Certificate of Incorporation

No. C-177028/2021